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What Does an Alternator Do?

Car Alternator

What does an alternator do? How much is an alternator? To put simply, the alternator is what powers your car’s electrical system. Since the infotainment and interior lights are almost as important to your Centerville drive as the engine and suspension, you want to keep your alternator in proper working condition. Voss Hyundai has the full story on your alternator as well as a link to schedule service with us if yours is broken.

Is My Alternator Going Out?

If you’re a Miamisburg driver who is concerned about a failing alternator, it’s as easy as looking for these symptoms. If you have some of these happening to your car, the service professionals at Voss Hyundai will be happy to help:

  • Battery warning light appearing on the dashboard
  • Whining or screeching sound after the vehicle has started
  • Unable to start
  • Dim headlights or interior lights
  • Devices not charging
  • Burning rubber smell under the hood

Bad Alternator or Bad Battery?

Sometimes, drivers will think that a faulty alternator is actually a faulty battery. Here’s a good way of telling the two apart. Once your vehicle is unable to start and needs a jump, jump start the engine as you would for a dead battery. If the vehicle dies right away, there’s a good chance the alternator is to blame. That’s an ideal situation to let the certified service technicians at Voss Hyundai have a look at your alternator.

How Much Is an Alternator?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to this question commonly asked in Kettering. Since each model’s alternator is different, it’s impossible to give a hard and fast quote for a new alternator. However, the experts at Voss Hyundai would be happy to give you a free quote. Our OEM parts are certified by Hyundai to always be the best possible fit for your vehicle.

Voss Hyundai Is the Service Superstore

When it comes to Hyundai vehicles, don’t chance it on your neighborhood mechanic. Come on over to Voss Hyundai, the place that has certified technicians that can take care of any problem you have. We’ve also got great OEM parts that are always legit and perfect for your car. Contact us to learn more!

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