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How to Change a Hyundai Key Fob Battery

Hyundai key fob

If you’re like most Centerville drivers who own a Hyundai vehicle, you want to know how to change a Hyundai key fob battery. If you’re wondering how to change the battery in your Hyundai key fob, the helpful service center at Voss Hyundai will explain the entire process in more detail below. For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!



How to Open a Hyundai Key Fob & Replace Battery

To perform a Hyundai key fob battery replacement, it’s first important to know how to open the Hyundai key fob. Let’s take a look at this in more detail below, as the process is quite simple on Hyundai fobs:

How to Open a Hyundai Key Fob Step-by-Step

  • First remove the metal key by pressing and holding the metal tab or button, depending on the model of your vehicle. Once you’ve removed the metal key, you can pop open the back cover of the fob by placing the key into the opening and rotating it in each direction. The key fob cover should pop open revealing the battery.
  • Depending on the year of your Hyundai vehicle, there might be a notch on the side of the key fob, requiring a screwdriver or coin to pop open the case.

How to Replace a Hyundai Key Fob Battery

  1. Now that the key fob is open, carefully remove the circuit board to get to the battery. Before you remove the battery, take note of its position, as the new battery will fit the same way.
  2. Make sure you have the right replacement battery, as most Hyundai key fob battery replacements take the CR2032 battery. These can be purchased at almost any store around Miamisburg or online.
  3. Insert the new battery into the key fob, making sure it makes contact with all electrical connections. 
  4. Place the metal key back into the fob if it was removed after the key fob is put back together. 

Now that you’ve completed the Hyundai key fob battery replacement, you now need to program the key to work with your vehicle. 

How to Program a Hyundai Key Fob

Now that you know how to change a battery in Hyundai key fob, you need to program it to work properly with your vehicle. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Enter your vehicle and make sure all doors are closed.
  2. Place the key in the ignition, and turn it to the “ACC” accessory option.
  3. Hold the “open” or “unlock” button on the key fob until your car lights flashes.

Once complete, you have programmed the key fob, and you can take advantage of its features! You should always conduct a test to make sure everything works as it should. If you’re having issues, we recommend opening up the case and making sure that the battery is inserted correctly. You would then need to reprogram the fob again. 

This entire process only works for key fobs that were already programmed for your Hyundai and does not apply to a brand new key fob. If your fob is brand new, be sure to visit our service center in Dayton to have it programmed by our experts.

Schedule Service with Voss Hyundai Today!

Now that you know how to change battery in Hyundai key fob, you can see it’s a long and tedious process. So, to avoid the hassle, schedule service with Voss Hyundai today! Be sure to use our service specials to save on your next vehicle maintenance near Kettering!


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