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How to Change a Brake Light

Car Brake Lights

Your brake lights are an important part for staying safe on Centerville streets. They light up every time you slow or stop your vehicle, so you should change them as soon as they burn out. Whether you like to take on car DIY projects yourself or trust the excellent service team at Voss Hyundai, changing a brake light can be quick and easy. Learn how to change a brake light with this handy guide so you can stay safe around Miamisburg.


Steps to Replace a Brake Light

Those looking for how to change a brake light will find that it can be completed simply at home. The vehicle’s owner’s manual is a great source for how to remove key components based on the Hyundai model. Follow these steps for how to replace a brake light:

  • Find the Correct Bulbs: Figure out the correct bulb size and voltage needed. This can be located in the vehicle’s owner’s manual, or the helpful team in our parts department can assist with finding the right bulb. 
  • Remove Tail Light Housing: Once the correct bulb is found, remove the colored tail light housing. This can typically be done with a Phillips-head screwdriver. Then, remove the burnt out bulb. 
  • Replace the Brake-Light Bulb: Adding a bit of dielectric grease to the end of the new bulb helps prevent corrosion and rust. This also helps with easier removal when the bulb burns out in the future. Insert the new brake-light bulb in place and replace the tail light housing. 

Importance of Replace a Brake Light

Kettering drivers staying knowledgeable about how to change a brake light and other car care are taking an important step to keeping them and other drivers safe. Whether it is to make a turn, prepare to stop, stop, or reverse, the brake tail light signals to others to watch out. If the tail lights aren’t working properly, driver’s can’t prepare for what’s happening in front of them, and can even lead to getting a fix-it ticket. 

Keep Up With Your Vehicle Maintenance at Voss Hyundai! 

Now that you’ve learned how to replace a brake light, stay on top of other DIY tasks and learn about how often you should rotate your tires or how often you should change your engine air filter to keep your vehicle running smoothly. If you have any questions about other ways you can keep up with your vehicle, contact us today!


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