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What Is Hyundai Smart Cruise Control?

2021 Hyundai Palisade

What is Hyundai Smart Cruise Control? It’s a special adaptive version of the cruise control you’re used to that will take your driving in Centerville to the next level. Smart Cruise Control is an integral part of the Hyundai safety system and when you’re inside a Hyundai with Smart Cruise Control, you’ll wonder why you ever drove another car. Voss Hyundai has the answers on this as well as a link to the flagship Hyundai SUV, the Palisade.

What is Hyundai Smart Cruise Control?

Many new Hyundai models have Smart Cruise Control, which allows you to drive like a pro in Miamisburg. It keeps a preset distance from any vehicle that’s in the lane in front of you, meaning you don’t have to make constant adjustments to your speed. Hyundai Smart Cruise Control offers all these great capabilities too:

  • Hyundai Smart Cruise Control is able to figure out when a vehicle in front of you has stopped or slowed down, giving you an extra set of eyes on the road.
  • After the system detects a change in the preceding vehicle’s speed, Smart Cruise Control will adjust the speed of your Hyundai to make sure that you have a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

Smart Cruise Control Stop and Go

Hyundai cruise control allows you to slow down or stop to keep in tune with the way that traffic is going in Kettering. You also have the ability to pair Hyundai Smart Cruise Control with Stop and Go to stop as traffic requires and put your Hyundai into motion again to keep a consistent speed while keeping a safe distance at the same time.

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