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What Does Hyundai Mean?

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When looking for a new vehicle in Centerville, it’s important to know the meaning of the name and logo to see if they have the same value system as you. When you know and understand the history behind the brand, it also gives you additional confidence when you go to the dealership and ask about certain vehicles you’re interested in. Read below as Voss Hyundai explains the details behind the brand and why it’s a brand you can trust. 

What is the Meaning of “Hyundai” in English?

As you may or may not know, Hyundai is a Korean-based manufacturer and the name derives from the Korean language. In today’s English, “Hyundai” translates loosely to “modernity”. Hyundai started out as a construction company before it shifted to manufacturing cars, but the meaning is still applicable today and represents what the company is about. It also connects seamlessly with its slogan: “New Thinking, New Possibilities”. As a car company, we want to keep up with the times and be a trendsetter as the world moves forward to bigger and better things. With new thinking, we can create new possibilities and make it modern and exciting to our customers in Miamisburg. 

How Do You Say “Hyundai?”

The pronunciation of “Hyundai” depends on where you live. In its native language, Korean, the correct pronunciation is “hyun-day”, as if it rhymes with the word “Sunday”. In the United States, most people use pronunciation as well. In England, however, the popular pronunciation is “high-yun-day”. Regardless of where you are in America, whether you’re in Kettering or Dayton, both of these pronunciations will be respected and understood at any dealership!

What Does the Hyundai Logo Mean?

The current Hyundai logo is a simple, slanted silver “H”, However, there are some hidden meanings in the logo that is not always known to the general public:

  • The logo is slanted to the right to suggest a forward-moving motion, which aligns with the translation of modernity and the company’s slogan.

  • The logo is supposed to resemble a silhouette of two people shaking hands, which symbolizes the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • The silver oval that encompasses the “H” symbolizes the global expansion of Hyundai.

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Congratulations! You now have a better understanding of what Hyundai stands for and how they design vehicles with you in mind. As you browse through our new vehicle inventory to see what car best fits your lifestyle, feel free to give us a call to answer any questions you may have. Our finance department will be happy to walk you through the purchase process to give you the confidence you need when you’re ready to purchase. We hope to see you soon!


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