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Should I Buy or Lease My Next Vehicle?

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Before you take the next steps in the car buying process, you might wonder, “Should I buy or lease?” Overall, there’s no right or wrong answer for Centerville drivers. Both options offer plenty of benefits, but you might find that one choice is better for you individually. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the lease vs. buying process to help you make the best decision possible for the Miamisburg roads.

Why Buy a Car?

  • Mileage: There are no mileage restrictions to worry about when you buy a car, so you can feel free to take the long route around Kettering on your next road trip.
  • Ownership: There are no restrictions on modifications, which means you can feel free to customize your ride with accessories and performance parts.
  • Resale: Once you buy the car, you can feel free to sell it at any point for the price that you think is fair – no need to deal with middlemen.
  • Cost: Though the initial costs are more expensive, car ownership is less expensive over time. The longer you own the car, the cheaper it is! Plus, the financing options are generally more straightforward.

Why Lease a Car?

  • Flexibility: Leasing is a short-term commitment, so you have much more flexibility. You can upgrade every few years, or you can opt for buy your car if you become attached.
  • Affordability: Everything from monthly payments to down payment to sales tax is generally less expensive for a lease, which means you can save money – or choose a nicer model!
  • Warranty: Maintenance and repairs are usually covered for the duration of your lease, which means you don’t have to fret over trips to the service department!
  • Trade-In: Once your contract is over, you simply hand the keys over to the dealership and pick out a new car. No need to negotiate or deal with resale woes.

Learn More About Lease vs. Buying

Still not sure whether lease vs. buying is right for you? The team at Voss Hyundai would be happy to help you make an informed decision, so contact us for more information. Want to browse our inventory while you decide? Visit us in Dayton to see what’s in stock

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